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Eye Exams at ProEye


Healthy eye care starts with regular eye examinations. Our doctors recommend at a minimum that you come in every year so we can assure you that your eyes are fine.

Our doctors will...

  •     ...take a thorough history, noting anything that may require follow up and treatment. Our doctors do not overlook anything. That means you get quality, top notch care.
  •     ...utilize the best medical equipment in the world. Our doctor's eyes can only do so much so we utilize great technology to extend what doctors can see and do.
  •     ...examine the health of your eyes including screening tests for glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration
  •     ...check for signs of high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases that can be detected during the eye exam and can cause risks to your general health as well as your vision
  •     ...check your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions for the sharpest distance, reading and computer vision
  •     ...test eye coordination and focusing skills. With so much emphasis on computers nowadays, people are failing to focus and train their eyes properly. We have solutions!
  •     ...prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids, vision exercises, and medication for your individual needs
  •     ...thoroughly explain the results of your eye health and vision tests to you, and answer all of your questions

Your eyes present the world to you with such apparent ease that it's all too easy to take these complex organs for granted. But problems that threaten your eye health, eye function and visual acuity can and do occur -- and in many cases these problems require the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment. The only way to make sure your eyes are all right is to get them evaluated on a regular basis. That's why our optometrist at ProEye, Dr. Keith Watson, provides comprehensive eye and vision exams for Vernon CT residents.

Everyone Needs Regular Eye Exams

Even if you have always enjoyed perfect vision and never experienced any strange eye symptoms, your eyes could be harboring undiagnosed diseases or disorders. Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and other potential causes of blindness may take many years to develop to the point that you actually notice visual impairment -- and by that time, extensive, irreversible degeneration may already have occurred. Visual abnormalities such as refractive errors can also develop, change or worsen over time, affecting your vision more than you may realize.

Eye function and vision difficulties can be especially problematic for children, since their visual development and academic success depends on how well their eyes are working. Pediatric eye exams should occur at the ages of 6 months, 3 years and entry into first grade. Most adults should schedule eye exams every other year (if no problems are found) or every year (if eye/visions risks or problems call for more careful monitoring). 

Eye Health, Eye Function and Visual Acuity Testing

Your optometrist at ProEye can administer comprehensive exams that check all aspects of your ocular well being. A variety of tests can evaluate how well your eyes are functioning by checking their focus, teaming and tracking, convergence, depth perception and other skills. If you or your children are displaying functional issues, we may recommend vision therapy, corrective lenses and other treatments.

Examination of the interior and exterior of the eye itself can reveal signs of eye diseases and disorders. Pupil dilation allows us to see most of the inside of the eye, including the optic nerves and retina, while an illuminated device called a slit lamp lets us check the cornea, lens, sclera and other structures. Since high pressure within the eye is a sign of possible glaucoma, we will also administer a technique called tonometry to measure that pressure.

No eye exam is truly complete without vision testing. An eye chart can tell us much about your ability to see clearly at various distances. If you have myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia, we will keep trying different corrective options until he hit on your exact vision correction prescription.

Schedule Your Eye Exam at ProEye Today

Take a simple but smart step toward protecting the eyesight of everyone in your family. Call ProEye at 860-872-3348 to schedule comprehensive eye and vision exams with our Vernon CT eye doctor!

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I have been going to ProEye for many years and continue to be pleased and satisfied by the service and care I have received.

Nancy Deackoff
Vernon, CT

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