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Any Thing New?

I know we have a lot of specials! Please take the time to read it over because you can save $ !


  • All lenses are 50% off! (with purchase of frame)
  • All second pairs are 50% off! (With purchase of complete first pair. Both pairs must have crizal anti-reflective)
  • Adult budget specials start at $99 for single vision and $149 for bifocals! These specials are "complete" meaning it includes a sturdy fashionable frame and lenses!
  • Kids Flexon $220, Adidas $260 Complete with single vision polycarbonate lenses + frame
  • Kids Trendy, Flexure, Bon Bon, DC, and Easy Twist all $99  Complete with single vision polycarbonate lenses + frame
  • Kids Harley, Candies, Guess, Rampage, Bongo all $199  Complete with single vision polycarbonate lenses + frame
  • All kids specials may be upgraded with Transitions for $50

*  Does not include special collections
*  Low Rx only. Higher prescriptions may include a surcharge  

Contact Lens Evaluation

We want your business! We want you to be customers of ProEye!

Here is what we can do for you.

If you buy a one year supply of contacts from us.. We will give you...

  • A reduction in the evaluation fee from $109 to $69! (or 20% off a contact lens fitting fee!)
  • A 20% off for the one year supply compared to the single box price!
  • Rebates up to $100 off! (check with the front desk)
  • TWO FREE bottles of Sauflon One Step solution - a $35 value!
  • TWO FREE bottles of contact lens hand cleaner - a $30 value!
  • That's almost $60 worth of free product for ordering from us!

Contact Lenses

  • We have the most generous program for contact lens purchasers because we want to keep you for a lifetime!
  • 90 day money back guaranty on disposable contact lenses. If you don't like your contacts, return them for a full refund* (call for details)
  • Tear a lens and we will replace it for you!
  • If you are short on contacts until your next exam, we'll give you enough to get you buy!
  • We stand behind our prescriptions!
  • Significant discounts on all annual contact lens supplies, save up to 40% with instant savings + rebates!
  • Teen contact lens fittings now 20% off (must be under 18)


  • Buy a frame, get any accessories at 10% off.


  • Buy 3, get $15 off

Sauflon One Step Contact Lens Solution

  • The best solution there is! Nothing cleans soft contacts better!
  • Buy 5 get 1 FREE!
  • That means you get 5 bottles for $14.67! (Regular price is $17.50)
  • Best if purchased with Blairex saline ($12.99)
  • Can also buy 10 bottles of One Step and get 2 FREE!

Exclusive Offer

New patients receive free consultation.

THIS ---->https://proeyeonline.imatrixbase.com/eyecare-services/lasik-pnc/any-thing-new-.html

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I have been going to ProEye for many years and continue to be pleased and satisfied by the service and care I have received.

Nancy Deackoff
Vernon, CT

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