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New Patient Center at Pro Eye

Thank you for choosing us for your eye care needs.

First of all we need to give you a little orientation to our office.

ProEye is a medical/optometric practice specializing in examination of the eyes, fitting glasses and contact lenses, low vision services (for those who don't see well even with glasses), hard-to-fit contacts, foreign body removal, abrasians, infections, glaucoma treatment, cataract co-management, LASIK, and many, many more. We practice in an ultra-modern office with all the latest in technology. You will not get a more thorough eye exam anywhere else.

Be sure to indicate how you were referred to our office! Indicate if it was another doctor's office, a friend told you about us, you saw our road sign, you saw us in the yellow pages, etc. Of course we want to know all of your sources and which had the most influence on your decision. It is important to us so we know which advertising dollars are most effective. We appreciate it!

Okay, now for what we need from you!


Please have your medical and vision insurance cards available for us to photocopy for your records. Bring them with you! Some vision insurances do not issue cards, but it is important if you know that you have this insurance so you can take advantage of your benefits. Call us if need help getting through the insurance jungle!

Understand that all major medical insurances pay for office visits. We are a medical/optometric practice and our exams are covered by major medical. You may be covered under your major medical for both routine and medical visits. 

If you have any symptoms of a medical condition, no matter how subtle, such as itching or tired eyes, you will be covered under your major medical for any number of office visits that may be required. Of course any major condition like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetes will be covered for any testing that we must do to follow your progress. You may be required to get a referral from your primary care doctor and most of the time this is not a problem (even to "backdate" it). We leave this task up to you to take care of. Be aware of any deductibles that you may have. Make sure you let our staff know BEFORE your exam that you have a concern about your insurance plan. Waiting until after we have already submitted your insurance may complicate things!

Your doctor and the staff can help you with the generalities of insurance and what can be paid for. Please make sure you understand your insurance thoroughly and what coverages you may have before coming in. However, don't believe the insurance company if they tell you that you are only covered for "eye exams" every few years. They are referring to non-complicated exams only. Always ask about " medically-related eye conditions" to avoid any confusion. Ask them "What if I have a diagnosis like dry eyes? How will I be covered?" The answer should be YES and you should be covered for as many visits are necessary.

We emphasize this because our doctors are very thorough and are likely to cover a broad range of topics in their exams and it often comes up that there are medical issues to discuss and possibly treat. Patients often are not aware of what may be discovered so it is best to make sure you know your coverages.

A few examples of major medical: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Connecticare, Cigna, Medicare, United Health Care, Healthnet, Oxford, Medspan, Humana, etc. There are thousands more...


Please come at least 10 minutes early to your appointment! It is normally best to come a bit early to make sure the paperwork is filled out and so we can go over some details on the examination you are about to have. It is best to not come in TOO EARLY since we are on a tight schedule normally and coming early usually means you'll just end up waiting extra long. But sometimes we do have openings so if you really do want to come in earlier, please call us and we can make arrangements for you!

Be sure to visit our sections on our doctors and ours staff. We want you to be very comfortable seeing us for the first time.

Your comprehensive examination may be the most in-depth exam you've ever experienced. We make extensive use of modern technology and instrumentation! If you wish to review the medical instruments and procedures that we commonly perform, please float your mouse over "services" and select an option from the drop down menu. Be aware that we do not do a "mall exam" so your exam might take a bit longer, but we do keep you moving!


During your visit with us you will be offered the chance to experience the Optomap first hand! 

This instrument is the latest in retinal imaging which gives you and the doctors the opportunity to view the inside of your eyes. This high resolution imager can see 150 degrees of the inside of your eye which makes for a more thorough eye exam. It costs $29 unless there is some kind of pathology in your eyes which will allow us to bill your insurance (requires documentation that a screening does not). The Eidon can pick up the subtle signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, retinal holes and tears, glaucoma, and especially tumors. Our doctors and staff love it ! So it is highly recommended!



Last but not least:  BRING IN *ALL* OF YOUR OLD GLASSES!!

We would love to see what you've been wearing so we can fill all of your needs!!

Exclusive Offer

New patients receive free consultation.

THIS ---->https://proeyeonline.imatrixbase.com/new-patient-center.html

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I have been going to ProEye for many years and continue to be pleased and satisfied by the service and care I have received.

Nancy Deackoff
Vernon, CT

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